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VR and Desktop support without limits.
General Utilities
Global Dynamic Bone Touch
Delete Portals
Teleport Keyboard (VR-Ready)
Menu Styles
Clear Drawings
Uncap FPS (90/144)
(Toggle) Avatar Logger
(Toggle) World Logger
(Toggle) IP Logger
FOV Change (Desktop)
In-Game UI Color Changing
Toggle Third Person
Freeze Portal Timer
Auto-Infinite Portal Timer
Extra 100 Favorited Avatars

General Functions
Force Exit Game
Server Refresh
Quick Rejoin Current Lobby
Change Avatar Image
Delete Avatar
Rejoin Last Lobby
Force Join
Get Force Join ID
Toggle VR Teleport on Trigger (Grip Oculus/Index)

Fly / NoClip
Toggle Jump

Microphone Utilities
Earrape Microphone
BitRate Microphone

Personal Security
HWID Spoofer
IP Spoofer
Toggle Online / Offline Mode

Player Options
Teleport to
Clone Avatar
Download VRCA
Normal Portal Drop
Crash Portal Drop
Attatch Portal
Shader Info
Avatar Info
Send Message
Personal Dynamic Bone Touch

One-Time Purchase
1 Year of Automatic Updates

VRChat Username
Include any and all Special Characters
(needs to be VRCEX findable)

Discord Username (with hashtag)

If you know your UserID, please put it in PayPal's extra notes section. The process to license you may be faster this way.


Upon purchase, this may take up to 24 hours to be licensed to your VRChat account.
The wait time depends on how many purchases we are getting.
(If you are not licensed yet, your game will just close, this will automatically stop happening once licensed)

Currently only works for VRChat on Steam or Open Compositor, not for the Oculus client.

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