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Everything you need to make VRChat great again.

With tons of features available, I'm sure we have what you're looking for.

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Our client supports both VR Headsets and Desktop, each containing their own functions.

General Utilities
  • Global Dynamic Bone Touch
  • Delete Portals
  • Teleport Keyboard
  • Menu Styles
  • UI Color Changing (Configurable in-game)
  • Clear Drawings in Room
  • (Toggle) Player Logger
  • (Toggle) Avatar Logger
  • (Toggle) World Logger
  • (Toggle) IP Logger
  • FOV Change1
  • Toggle Third Person1
  • Freeze Portal Timer
  • Auto-Infinite Portal Timer
  • Extra Favorited Avatars
  • ESP: Bone1
  • ESP: Name1
  • ESP: Capsule
  • Room Info
  • Copy Other's Status
  • Optimized and Enhance Mirror buttons (local)
  • Custom Loading Menu Sounds

General Functions
  • Force Exit Game
  • Quick Rejoin Current Lobby
  • Change Avatar Image
  • Delete (current) Avatar
  • Steal (current) Avatar
  • Steal Avatar by ID
  • Force Join
  • Get Force Join avatarID
  • Toggle VR Teleport on Trigger2
  • Social List Refresh
  • Download Current VRCA
  • Add Friends from txt file
  • Force Clone by avatarID

Personal Security
  • IP Spoofer (if enabled, IP Logger will not work)
  • Anti-Portal
  • Toggle Online / Offline Mode
  • Anti-Logout
  • Anti-Kick / Warn

Movment Utilities
  • Fly / NoClip [Thumbstick / Directional (Toggle)]
  • Speed Modifiers
  • Toggle Jump

Microphone Utilities
  • Earrape Microphone
  • Gain Control (Self/Per Person)

Performance Utilities
  • Toggle Dynamic Bones
  • Uncap FPS (90/144/240)
  • High Priority Mode
  • Limit FPS when Alt+Tab

Player Utilities
  • Teleport to
  • Clone Avatar
  • Download VRCA
  • Download FBX
  • Quick Add to Favorties
  • Normal Portal Drop
  • Crash Portal Drop
  • Shader Info
  • Avatar Info
  • Player Info
  • IP Geolocation3
  • Open Steam Profile3
  • Persoanl Dynamic Bone Touch
  • Show userID

-=- Legend -=-
  • 1 - Will only show if you're on Desktop
  • 2 - Index and Oculus will teleport on Grip
  • 3 - Information will only show if player doesn't have a spoofer of their own

Single License


Please note that

The payment must be in USD currency and sent as friends & family, after that send Meap#0001 a Direct Message of a proof of purchase to be licensed.


Notorious TOS

By purchasing, you are accepting the following terms and conditions.

You agree to the fact that this is a cheat/mod and therefore we can not 100% guarantee that it will work forever, we will not take responsibility if it stops working some day. We do our best to keep the client up and running smoothly by providing updates.

You agree to the fact that only one account may be activated with the client at once. If you need to switch accounts, let us know, we will remove your other account for your new one.

We are not responsible for any ban that may occur on your account.
We try our best to make sure you don't get banned, but of course there are certain things that aren't in our control. Therefore, we won't take responsibility for it.
Don't be stupid and use it obviously in public lobbies, that's how most get banned. Don't brag about having a client.

General Rules

By purchasing, you are accepting the following rules.

You may not share, rent, redistribute, decompile, modify or attempt to reverse engineer the Notorious Client in any way.
This includes any information given to you along with the client.

Don't brag about having anything that is distributed through Notorious
Alot of this can be re-made, granted if the individuals have the knowledge to do so.
This is just to prevent people to come to hate Notorious, as it seems the more people brag about it, the more it gets hated and people get targeted.

Enjoy the client, and have fun.

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